Sony is one of biggest consumer electronic manufacture. Their product line up usually have good quality and have variety kind from camera to television, but in mobile device so far their still out of luck. They still can’t compete with other manufacture such as Samsung, Apple even LG. If we are talking about the phone quality it self, Sony is always make a great and beautiful device.

Sony flagship killer is always Z family. From Z1 till the latest Z5 their always have boxy and shiny design with implement of glass on both side. Its real beautiful and elegant. The Display it self is gorgeous, their Bravia engine is always one of their leading technology on display. It always produce great and vivid but not too punchy experience.

With their such great device why Sony still lose? Is it Sony gonna lose again this year? Hope not with their Z5 family that just announce in IFA Berlin.

Z5 family release with three device right away. Z5 Compact, Z5 and Z5 Premium.

This time Sony make a breakthrough display with the first time ever a 4K display put on a Mobile Phone. Sony give Z5 Premium a super sharp 4K in 5,5″ display. Lets compare it with Samsung Note 5 which have 2K display in 5,7″ inch display. Note 5 is already sharp display, and for normal people 2k and 1080p display is slightly noticeable, is it needed 4K display for mobile phone? Lets time answer it. For the other, Sony only give 1080p display to Z5 and 720p for Z5 Compact.

Its a big problem for manufacture this year that the Qualcomm flagship processor, the Snapdragon 810, have a big issue with heat. Samsung use their own Exynos with their Galaxy S6 and Note 5, LG using Snapdragon 808 for LG G4. But here Sony using 810 for three of their Z5 family. Its a fast chipset but with a heavy usage it will produce more heat than previous chipset. Rumors 820 will fix this problem but its still here yet. Talking about memory, Sony give 3GB RAM for Z5 and Z5 Premium but only 2GB for ZT Compact. But its more than enough if we look at the screen resolution only 720p, means the processor will hold less then other brothers.



Here come one of the superior part from Sony device from time to time. Sony use completely new lens then previous Z lineup. It use 23 mpx camera and from the press release at IFA it 3 time faster capture then other device this day, mean its better than S6 which have big compliment from tech world. The video capture have better stability for shaking. For camera no one doubt about Sony lens, it use for other device too including iPhone. Sony can hope the best from this part.



Lately android device powered with finger scanner security. The problem is their put the sensor on bottom or back of device. Its have more or less convenience. This time Sony try to put their sensor on power button locate on right side of the phone to make it natural feel when pick up the phone.

The real downside point from Z5 is come to price. It real expensive here we talking about. The Z5 premium will sale for above $1.000 cause of their really unique display part. But remember its not release yet so price may be different on the store.

Sony this time put all the resource to get in the worldwide flagship war, the result its real good if you have some more amount of money. Good job Sony.

Photo via xperiablog